Foundation Aruna

Foundation Aruna is an initiative of the solar value chain to further improve the installation quality of solar panels on roofs, both in the Netherlands and in Europe. It is valuable for everyone if solar panels are installed properly. The aim is to simplify and harmonise installation regulations. This is to ensure that all solar panels are properly installed on the roof and that the yield from the panels is maximised. Aruna is independent and its participants are companies from all segments of the solar industry. The participants are working together to develop clear installation rules to ensure that all solar panels are installed safely on the roof. In this way, Aruna wants to advance the use of solar power and accelerate the energy transition.

It's important that solar panels are installed properly

The solar energy market is developing rapidly. Technology is constantly improving and more and more people and companies are installing solar panels. Partly because solar panels remain on the roof for up to 25 years, it is important that solar panels are installed correctly. This will prevent damage and maximise electricity production. This also ensures that the growth of solar energy can be continued and even accelerated.

By further improving the installation quality of solar panels the following risks can be avoided:

Fire can be caused, for example, by the use of different connectors within a PV module, flammable materials or incorrectly cut cables.

Wind damage
If installed incorrectly, the wind may get a grip on the solar panels, causing them to come loose or even be blown away.

Electric shock
Metal parts of solar modules may come under voltage. This can cause danger to the installer, for example, who may receive an electric shock.

Water damage
Incorrect installation can lead to damage to the roof and leaks.

Aruna works on a robust system of self-regulation

Through Foundation Aruna, the solar value chain works together on the quality of installations on the basis of three objectives:

  1. Clear installation rules and training requirements. Through Foundation Aruna, the sector wants to agree on joint minimum requirements for a safe installation of solar panels. At present, the requirements are spread across a large number of standards and documents. Additionally, the requirements are not always written in an easily readable way, and they leave room for interpretation. Aruna is also committed to develop uniform and compulsory requirements for the knowledge and skills of installers.
  2. Credible inspections. To ensure that solar panels are actually delivered as agreed, it is necessary that solar panel installations are regularly assessed by an independent inspector. The sector wants to come to clear agreements about this within Foundation Aruna.
  3. Not without obligation. In order to ensure that all installations meet the same minimum quality, self-regulation must have binding elements. Parties who do not place the emphasis on quality and safety must also be obliged to achieve a certain minimum level of installation quality. Foundation Aruna therefore calls for more binding regulations for all market players.

The Netherlands as a template for European harmonisation

Parallel to the development of effective self-regulation in the Netherlands, Foundation Aruna wants to advocate in Europe for clarification and harmonisation of the rules. If the rules for installing solar panels are the same throughout Europe, the international rollout of solar energy will be facilitated and a European market for the installation of solar panels will be created. In this way, solar energy can be offered at even lower prices. A 'coalition of the willing' is working to make this possible.



Want to participate?

Participation in Aruna is open to all relevant solar value chain parties. These may include suppliers of materials, wholesalers, insurers, clients, advisers, inspectors, EPC specialists and, of course, installation companies themselves. The broader the coalition, the greater the chance that we can develop a robust system of self-regulation.


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